Our aim is to bring hope and healing to hearts that are wounded, discouraged, fearful or broken, and to teach others to do the same.

We are a team of people who have completed our training courses, and are continuing to minister to others in prayer.

We offer:


Our seminars and short courses will give you keys to help you through life’s challenges. Titles include ‘Kingdom Keys’, ‘Healing from Trauma’, ‘Healing our Children’s Hearts’ and others.


We offer 2 training courses, in partnership with Elijah House:

201 (Training to Grow)

202 (Training to Minister)

Each school is 10 days, but we have various formats to suit different timetables. Look out for details of upcoming courses!


We offer individual prayer, by appointment only. These take place at Broadmead Community Church.


from fear, shame, bitterness, trauma, hopelessness, destructive life-patterns


hope, peace, self-worth, dignity, honour, choice, relationships, identity, purpose


individual lives, families, communities, relationships, mind-sets

Hearts Resounding: helping you to discover your unique song, and to learn to sing it from a heart that is being made whole.


Hearts Resounding Ministries presents a one–day course that explores what Jesus meant by ‘the keys of the kingdom’, why we need them, and how to use them.


Keys of the Kingdom
Keys for Transformation
Keys for Life
Keys to Bind and Loose


Where: Broadmead Community Church
When: Saturday June 25th
Time: 9.15am to 4pm

How to book in:

Admission Free; £3 for study guide.
Please sign up via MyChurch Suite or by following this link so we have an idea of numbers!
Bring your own lunch, tea and coffee available.