We don’t know what your experience of church has been previously, if any at all, but we do know that it can be quite daunting walking into something new for the first time. Because of this we try to make our meetings as friendly and accessible as possible.

We meet together on a Sunday at 10.30am. As COVID restrictions continue to ease we no longer need to limit the number of people able to attend these gatherings in person.  You can book to attend by following the links shared in MyChurch Suite, our weekly news bulleitn or by contacting the Church Office. You can also now just come on the day.  We will need to take some details for ouR track and trace responsibilities.  All our gatherings are also streamed via Youtube and our Facebook page. 

The meetings are held at Broadmead Community Church. Head to the How To Find Us page to see where we are. There is some parking at the centre and in the local area.

If you connect with us online, feel free to leave us your details via our contact page.

What usually happens in our meetings? Click on Sundays for more info