These are the key ingredients of our life together. In a nutshell, they are our ‘why’- why we do all that we do.

Everyone welcome

We want to be a church where everyone is welcome. Because we want to love people as Jesus loved people – this isn’t just about being welcoming to an event or Sunday gathering, this is about how we live and represent the love of God to the world around us.

Encountering Jesus

We believe that God created us to know Him – not just intellectually or based on a knowledge of who He is, but that we are to encounter Him personally. Therefore we want to be people that are intentional about seeking God and pursuing more of His presence –  and that as we seek God, our world is filled with His love, forgiveness, peace, healing, and salvation.

Embracing adventure

We believe that God didn’t create us to live a small and insignificant life, but He created us to live a big and adventurous life. That is going to look different for each of us – but when we say YES to Jesus’s call to follow Him, we step into our own life of adventure.