Mission Statement

Life Chat offers a safe space where anybody can come to have a chat in a relaxed atmosphere and receive a personal Word from God.

Purpose Statement

Life Chat’s purpose statement is:
“to be used by God in the revelatory gifts to reveal what Holy Spirit is saying to each individual and to increase a greater awareness of the Gifts of the Spirit”.
Through Life Chat we will be seeking to provide opportunities for Holy Spirit to speak to the persons within a normal conversation. Each session will allow revelation to flow by simply stepping out in faith.
Life Chat is not a counselling service.

Who can access this ministry?

Life Chat is for individuals or couples from within Broadmead and beyond, who want to hear what God is saying to them at that moment.

Additionally, if you are already part of a ministry and if you would like to learn more about the gifts of the Spirit, Life Chat can help you build your understanding, your confidence and your experience. 

Life Chat is able to provide a safe learning environment where you and your team can go deeper and be released in the gifts of the Spirit. 
To make an appointment email us at: lifechatsolutions@gmail.com