There is no one in the universe just like you and that is not an accident.

We are all uniquely shaped by God for his purpose. Discovering who you are and why God made you the way you are will help you in your job or career, bring focus to your life, make big decisions, share the love of God with others and most importantly, bring Glory to God! Find out what God’s purpose is for your life by discovering your S.H.A.P.E –

  • Spiritual gifts
  • Heart (passions)
  • Abilities
  • Personality
  • Experiences

This course will help you to focus on your strengths, rather than your weaknesses, and empower you to live fun, fruitful lives, as you are led by the Holy Spirit. This course is also great if you are wanting to get more involved in the life of the church, but don’t quite know what team you want to join.