We will post our updates on this page as well as sharing them via email and Facebook.  If you wish to receive update via email, please ensure you have signed up to Churchsuite. You can do this by visiting the Contact Us page or by contacting our church office on 01604 721144

Update October 21

It is now two months since restrictions were changed from law to guidance by our government. During this time, we have been monitoring how we implement the guidance in church life. Firstly, I want to say how impressed I have been by the way you have all acted towards each other with love, compassion, peace and unity of spirit. Thank you so much for your support of the church leadership’s decisions and your humble willingness to act within the guidance with such concern for each other.

Having reviewed the way we have been doing church and in a bid to move towards a ‘new normal’ we have decided to change some aspects of our practice, especially on a Sunday. However, within these decisions we recognise that the national/local situation may change and we may have to reintroduce some of the guidance again.

We recognise that we might have different views on whether this is too fast or slow. However, we are seeking at all times to be guided by Godly wisdom, listening to you, the church and seek guidance from the Baptist Union while reflecting what is happening in wider society. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Here are the decision of the trustees, from their recent meeting:

  • You will no longer need to pre-book for church as we will not be running our own track and trace list. As you arrive, you are welcome to scan the NHS which will be available in a number of places or you may wish sign in on a paper sheet.
  • Face masks will be optional in the whole building. However one section of the church seating (nearest to the window which can be opened to help with ventilation) will be an area that if you choose to sit in this area then you must socially distance and wear a mask. This is to allow those who would prefer that to be in place to feel assured that they can attend church with confidence. We are increasing the seating in the area and ensuring that there is appropriate distance from the seating from those choosing not to wear a mask. In all other areas this is optional.
  • We will serve refreshments before the service between 10:15-45am
  • The service will start at 10:45pm
  • During the week mask wearing is optional and subject to each groups/activities own guidance. This will be decided by your ministry/group leader.

In all of this we ask that you continue to be kind, considerate and at all times seeking to maintain the unity of the spirit and live in peace.
We will continue to monitor everything going forward but we hope these steps will allow us to grow in expressing our life together as a church family.

Update September 21

We are continuing to ask people to book in for our main gatherings (fllowing advice from the Baptist Union).  You can do this in advance using myCHurch Suite or the link shared via the CHurch Newsletter each week, or you can book in whenyou arrive on a Sunday.  This information is required for Track and Trace purposes.  

We are continuing to livestream our gatherings for those unable to attend in person.

For those attending the main gatherings in person please continue to follow the guidelines below.

Things we can do
•    We can sing together.
•    We can gather to chat before and after the gathering without time limits.
•    There are no limits on numbers who can attend as long as we can all sit socially distanced.
•    We will have much more freedom as all legal restrictions have been removed.

The Government and Baptist Union have issued guidance which our trustees have reviewed and have put the following in place for our gatherings.

o We still need to take people’s contact details for Track and Trace, and we will need to do this for the foreseeable future.
o When you arrive you will need to be signed in as attending by a member of the welcome team.
o However, as well as booking before Sunday you can also just turn up on the day and scan a church QR code with your phone to take you to a sign-up form or one of our welcome team will sign you in if you don’t have a phone.
o We would ask that you wear a mask when walking around the building and during singing. However, people may take them off when seated and not singing.
o We ask all those who are entering the building to wash or sanitise their hands.
o Please do not attend church if you have been asked to self-isolate or have any symptoms. Here is a link to possible symptoms of Covid-19. Main symptoms of coronavirus (COVID-19)  
o We encourage you to not sit with people from different households where possible. 
o We will continue to make the offering bucket available after the gathering in the café area as well as the card reader.
o We will continue to serve communion from two stations at the front using single cups and pre-cut bread as well as tongs and gloves.
o We will seek to ventilate the building as much as possible.
o When we serve refreshments this will be from behind the cafe counter and kitchen hatch rather than offering a self-service area.
o We ask you to limit physical contact while at the gathering and be sensitive to others own wishes.

Update 15/04/21

We now have in place the four steps that we plan to take as a church out of lockdown. Step Three is detailed below.  We plan to release each step about a week before the date (bearing in mind government advice).

Step 3.






Church Centre 

Indoor Meetings for groups with limited numbers.

ROC Cafe to open with limited numbers. 9 June opening indoor meetings for groups with limited numbers

Outdoor events with up to 30 people.

You will be able to meet with up to 6 people or 2 households after the service indoors or 30 people outdoors.

Small groups of up to 6 people can meet indoors and up to 30 people outdoors.

Adult groups can restart within the limits



Update 12/04/21

We now have in place the four steps that we plan to take as a church out of lockdown. Step Two is detailed below.  We plan to release each step about a week before the date (bearing in mind government advice).

Step 2.






Church Centre 

Sunday Groups under review. Wednesday Night Social on Zoom. 

TMX reopen with 15 maximum. XLR8 returns in person with maximum of 15 

Mum’s Meet returns with up to 15 indoors/ outdoors.

Summer Connect Groups online this term.

After Church Zoom coffee sessions to continue until restrictions lift fully.

Church centre can reopen. Staff return on a rota basis. Children’s activities can restart.

Analysis of Polling of Families


Analysis of Polling of Church Adults 


Update 21/03/21

We now have in place the four steps that we plan to take as a church out of lockdown. We are releasing today Step One and we plan to release each step about a week before the date (bearing in mind government advice).

Step 1.






Church Centre 

Sunday Group to continue on Zoom. 

Sunday Group to continue on Zoom. Youth Group to meet up to 6 people outdoors.  

Muddy Church will meet outside with up to 15 people. 

1:1 support for pastoral care outside. 

Sunday Gathering open for in person with up to 45 households. 

Remains closed other than Samuels Christian Nursery. 

Polling of Families 


Polling of Church Adults 


Update 03/03/21

We are excited to announce we will be re-opening to In-person gatherings over the Easter Weekend. We can’t wait to see you and welcome you home again. You will still need to book a ticket, wear a mask, not sing and socially distance for the time being but it will still be great to be together and especially to celebrate resurrection day.

More details to follow. In terms of other activities starting up we are still putting together the timeline and we release it to you as soon as it is signed off by the Trustees.

Update 25/02/21

Coming Out of Lockdown Three 

Following the announcement of the government this week of a four-step plan to come out of lockdown we have met as Trustees to consider how we might respond in our own planning. We have decided to use the step process and dates as our guide. We have in place a draft step plan which appears to compare with the national guidance from the Baptist Union. We will send to you once it has been finalised (we hope this will be this week). Please do look out for this which we hope will give us a roadmap to a day when we can all be together for a big celebration. 

Update 06/01/21

Happy New Year to you all. Like many of us, you are probably very happy to say goodbye to 2020 and all the difficult and challenging moments. We know this year seems to have started in a similar vein, but are hopeful this is year will be different as the vaccine is rolled out. The hope of new freedoms is coming and we must continue to pray that the light grows stronger day by day.

But like a bad movie trilogy where the next film is never as good as the last. Lockdown 3 is probably the worst sequel ever. This is no Toy Story 3 which is probably the best of the films – this is like The Hunger Games Trilogy where there is a diminishing return with each new film released. We recognise that this lockdown is probably the hardest for everyone. Here in the middle of a very cold January, we have homeschooling returning as well as shielding. We need to stay at home as we wait for more people to get immunised.

You may have a whole variety of emotions at the moment. I have two main feelings. One is a strong desire to find new and creative ways to lead the church at this time. The other one is an overwhelming desire to find the biggest rock and climb underneath it and hide. But I’m reminded in Lamentations 3:22 that we read this, ‘because of the Lord’s great love we are not consumed for his compassions never fail.’

We are going into unchartered territory. We’re going to places that we’ve never been to before. This global pandemic has stretched us like nothing else. We don’t have a map of the way to go but we do have a guide. Our Lord Jesus. We are better off with a guide than a map. If we had a map we would be looking down all the time but being led by our guide causes us to look up. That’s what I want to encourage you to do – to embrace our Lord Jesus – to look to him to lead us as a church and as a people by His spirit at this time. We don’t know where we’re heading but the Lord is guiding us each step of the way and we trust in Him.

Today is epiphany and we’re reminded of the Magi arriving to see the Christ child. The Magi didn’t have a map either. They had no SATNAV telling them where the baby Jesus might be. They looked up and saw a star, which guided them to the place where they may worship the new-born King. We are very much like the Magi at this time. I want to encourage you all to look up, so that you may know the way to bring worship to the King of Kings, our Lord Jesus Christ.

With all this in mind, we are seeking to move forward together in a way that invites you into a deeper and greater relationship with Father God and I’m going to be talking more about that on Sunday. When we can’t do church let us be the church by embracing and encountering Jesus in new and fresh ways, as this year begins both individually and together.

Over the next week or so we’ll be rolling out new ways, which we hope will help you all by inviting you into a greater spirituality with God’s word and spirit. This is what we have in place at the moment.

We will continue with our midweek moments put together by various leaders in the church and these will be released on Facebook and YouTube on a Wednesday morning.

In regard to Sunday, the parents and children’s group will now go back on Zoom and they will be starting at 9:15 on a Sunday morning when you were invited to have breakfast together. So put on your porridge, croissants, your poached egg, the bacon or whatever it is and have breakfast together with other families as you encounter Jesus. That is at 9:15 am on Zoom and the details will be sent out.

The youth will be meeting on Zoom also at 10:30 am, a slightly later time owing to most teenager’s desire to be in bed slightly longer. Jodie will be leading that with various other leaders and the details will be sent out.

We have decided after much thought, consultation, and discussion to close the church on a Sunday to the congregation. The Baptist Union put out a very strong statement yesterday, which I have put a link to here, which indicates that although we are allowed to open in this current lockdown they are strongly recommending that all churches stay closed at this time. This is not an easy decision for them to have made because our history as a free church movement has long resisted government control of church gatherings, insisting on gathering to worship despite persecution and threat. We have been strengthened in this resolve of ‘not neglecting to meet together’ (Hebrews 10:25), through the writings of the early churches. We as Baptists hold dear the ability to make choices independently however they have asked us at this time to remain closed.

This, along with other considerations, has led us to the decision that we will just be live streaming the Sunday Gathering for the time being. We are also aiming to reduce the number of people in the building on a Sunday to put on the gathering and therefore have made the decision that there will be up to a maximum of eight people involved. This will enable us to reduce the risk and increase social distancing. The online service will be available at 10:30 am on YouTube, Facebook and on our church website. We will open up just before that so you can communicate via the live chat.

We had not booked a prayer and praise for January, but we strongly feel that this Friday we should gather on Zoom for a time of prayer for an hour. At this time we need to be above all else a praying people and so I invite you to join us to pray. For us as a church, for this town, for us as a country, for the world, for the vaccine, for our leadership, for God’s guidance, for so much during this time and so join us this Friday, 8 January at 7:30 pm on Zoom and the details will be in the church bulletin today.

I’m also extremely excited that we will be launching new Book Clubs for February when will be looking at the book ‘All Things New’ by Pete Hughes. I believe this is a really timely book for us and we’re going to be making the book available to you. There will be multiple ways of accessing this via all our CIRCLES. This includes current small groups, new book clubs and huddles.

We are taking part in a first-ever town-wide churches book club. It is being piloted here in Northampton between many churches and so we’re really excited that Pete Hughes will be putting together some video content for us and Saint Andrew’s book shop have put together a website just for us and again the link is available here. We will be giving you more details of how you can purchase the book at a hugely discounted rate of £7 and how you can join one of the book clubs in the next week or so. Again this is a great opportunity to engage theologically and practically with the God Story.

Many of you over the last few months have discovered the app ‘Lectio 365’ and have been using the daily reflections to walk in a deeper way with God. These are great 10 minutes guided prayer and scripture readings which I personally have found has transformed what one might traditionally call the ‘quiet time’. Again, you can see the link for this.

We are going to be starting something new, which is to set up a ‘Lectio 365’ WhatsApp group which you can join by clicking on the link and share each day just one bit that jumped out of you or a prayer from it. This will encourage all of us as we do this together. If there is not something you already use daily to engage with God then why not use this to give over space and time to deepen your spirituality. This is a great tool to achieve that and encourage you to join in by downloading the app and getting on the WhatsApp group.

Virtual connect groups will continue as will the virtual after church coffee. If you’ve disconnected a little bit from your group over recent months or the group has drifted slightly then at this time can I encourage you to re-engage and to all take responsibility for looking after and caring for one another in your group. Please contact me if you are unsure about which group you’re connected in with and we can put you in touch with the right person.

We will continue to produce support via the Parents and Children’s Facebook page, also via the Youth Facebook page and also the church Facebook page. Please do look out for those also.

Children and Parents Facebook Page

Youth Facebook Page

Main Facebook Page

And just to finally say the church and its office is now closed. However, you can still use the church phone number which is 01604 721144 and a member of staff will be answering that in the morning. It will go to an answering service in the afternoon. If you would like to donate to the food bank please take the food along to St Alban’s church on a Friday morning between 9:00 and 12:00 pm. Please be aware that Samuel’s Nursery remains open at the moment and please cover the whole staff and children in prayer as they are feeling quite vulnerable at this time.

And finally, may I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and prayers as we seek to lead the church in these unprecedented times. We look up to our guide, Father God, who promises to bring us his peace and his presence, his hope and strength to all who call on the Lord.



Adam Eakins

Update 31/12

In light of the move into tier four, the leadership have considered all the information about whether we should meet on Sunday. Under this tier, we are still able to meet for worship and we have made the decision to do so. This has not been an easy decision to make, and we will continue to monitor the situation. When we meet it is with the following additions.

The service will be shorter than normal.

The minimum number of people will be involved to run the service.

You may have booked for the service already but we understand that in light of the current news have decided to stay at home and watch online. We totally understand if you make that decision. You can cancel your booking via myChurchsuite.

There are slightly stricter rules around mingling before and afterwards and so I ask that you don’t arrive before 10:25 am (better to arrive at 10:30 am), and leave straight away after the service if you are not part of the service team. Please remember to not shake hands and keep your social distance at all times. These will be enforced but it is much better if you follow the guidance rather than be told by the service team.

So please follow these guidelines.

  • Please do not arrive before 10:25 pm. You will not be allowed in before that time.
  • Please do not attend if you have any Covid-like symptoms.
  • We will open the doors just before the event happens. Please queue up outside at a social distance.
  • When you come in please use the wash station to clean your hands.
  • Make your way to the room and find a seat socially distanced from other people outside of your household. This is at least three chairs apart. If you have come in a household you will be able to sit with them.
  • Please don’t sing.
  • Please wear a face mask at all times unless there are medical reasons why not.
  • When we are finished, please do not hang around in the building but leave immediately. If you wish to chat please can you do that outside following the tier 4 restrictions.
  • We would prefer people to not use the toilets but if you have to please leave them clean afterwards by wiping down all surfaces using the anti-bac wipes provided.

Please also note that all church activities are no longer allowed to use the building other than the Nursery, and so you will need to move activities online for now. The church office will remain closed but you can still call 01604 721144 as the calls will be transferred to a member of staff or the answerphone.

Thank you for your continued support, these are never easy decisions to make and the church leadership would value your prayers.

updated 2/12

After further announcements from the Government we are delighted to say that we can meet again for acts of worship as this period of Lockdown ends. Therefore we will hold the Raise A Hallelujah as in-person and online on 4 Dec and in-person and online gathering for Sunday 6 December.
The church meeting will still remain on Zoom and at present we will be giving a 2021 budget update rather than a full budget to be voted on.
We will still be open for Private Prayer on Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 am and you will also be able to drop off food bank items during this time.
From Monday 7 Dec the church office will be open again Mon-Fri 9:30-12.00pm. We are also looking at other activities restarting once we know what tier the government has put Northampton into.

updated  5/11/20

God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.

Come and see what the Lord has done, the desolations he has brought on the earth. He makes wars cease to the ends of the earth. He breaks the bow and shatters the spear; he burns the shields with fire. He says, “Be still, and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.” The Lord Almighty is with us; the God of Jacob is our fortress.

Psalm 46:1-3, 8-11

As we move into this new lockdown I’m sure like myself you have a whole variety of feelings and emotions as well as questions. We are all told that this will only be 4 weeks, but can it be? What can we do or not do? How will this impact our Christmas? Am I safe? When will the vaccine be available? How will church look over the next few weeks?

The words from the Psalmist reassures us that the King of kings is still on His throne. As Jamie mentioned the other day God is in the fire with us and will remain with us at all times. It is not an assurance that says there will not be pain but God will be there in the pain.

This week the Church Leadership and Staff have been seeking to pivot once again and sought to adjust to lockdown Two.

As you will be a well aware as of today our church building must be closed. We are doing this except for the following in line with government guidance.

  • Samuels nursery will remain open
  • Certain support groups will continue
  • Private prayer will be available Wednesday 9:30 to 11:30 AM in the chapel.
  • Items for the food bank can be dropped off during the same time as well as taken to the food bank on Fridays at St. Albans.
  • You can still call the church office on 01604 721144 as all calls are being directed to either staff members or answerphone during this time.
  • And live broadcasting from the church building on a Sunday and a few other occasions

On Sundays we will be broadcasting live the main gathering from the church auditorium. We have  made a risk assessment as church trustees that we can do this within the government guidance while limiting the number of people involved to no more than 12 individuals.

The youth group will move on to zoom at the same time as 10:30 AM on a Sunday  and other activities will move on line. Jodie will also be providing one-to-one support and using creative ways to engage with our young people.

The children’s activities will be on the parent and children’s Facebook page and Andrea will as ever be creating loads of great resources and ideas over the coming weeks.

We do hope that you will engage with these as acts of worship even if for a few weeks we can’t be together physically.

The virtual connect groups will continue to offer support via a variety of ways. If you need support please contact your group leader first for help. We really hope that all of us will be looking out for those in our group and not assume someone else is doing that. We all can share loving kindness at the time towards each other. A phone call can mean so much.

Other groups such as book clubs, huddles, connect groups, senior lunch and other groups will move to being online until we are able to meet in person again. And so I want to say again the church is not closed it is busy connecting with God with each other and the wider community in a whole creative God honouring way with loving kindness

Thank you once again for your ongoing support prayer and patience as we once again adapt as a church during this new lockdown.

God bless you all and stay safe.

updated  19/10/2020

Following the unanimous decision of our Church Meeting we are starting to return to meeting in person alongside our streaming gatherings.
Each Sunday we will be send out via email and social media, how you can sign up for In-Person Church via MyChurchSuite on our church website and the app. This will be on a first-come basis and the numbers will be limited. For this Sunday they are as follows.

Main Service – Auditorium – 30 places
JAM (pre-school) – ‘Muddy Church’ meeting at 10.30am on Bradlaugh Fields. An adult must accompany each family group.
Children (primary) – G2 – ‘Wild Worship’ meeting at 10.30am on Bradlaugh Fields. One adult must be with their child(ren) for the group
Youth (secondary) – G1 – 10 Households
All activities will be at 10:30 am and will last no longer than 60 minutes. 

The main gathering will still be available on the website, via Youtube and on our Facebook page.

We do, of course, recognise that not everyone will be able to come for a variety of reasons. We will still be live streaming the service each week. So, please pray for us and all the team leaders and ministries as they work towards this. We want to be wise, but also, we want to be courageous as well. We want to make it meaningful, while we recognise that there will be some restrictions.

updated  17/09/2020

We are launching something called Operation Open October. We, as a church leadership team, believe it is the right time to begin to plan to reopen on Sundays in October. Now there are lots of things that we need to do in terms of making it COVID secure. We will be working on those over this month, but I just want to let you know that this is our aim. We plan to open in October, and we will be letting you know more about this over the coming weeks. There will be restrictions in terms of numbers and in terms of timing. But it will be so good to be together again, to be worshipping God together, to be opening his word together.

We do, of course, recognise that not everyone will be able to come for a variety of reasons. We will still be live streaming the service each week. So, please pray for us and all the team leaders and ministries as they work towards this. We want to be wise, but also, we want to be courageous as well. We want to make it meaningful, while we recognise that there will be some restrictions.

updated  22/07/2020

We, as a church, are continuing our new adventure.

Our Sunday Service will now be on Zoom as well as YouTube. This is part of our move to include more live elements to the service and so from this Sunday it will be a mixture of live and pre-recorded content.

You will still be able to watch it on our YouTube page and on our website as before but now you can also join via Zoom to be able to interact with others as well as see each other.

This is the plan.

10:15am – Zoom waiting room will open

10:20am – The Zoom called will be on our YouTube page as a live video and a ten minute countdown will begin. You will attempted from the waiting room. Please make sure you have washed your hands before you come into the Zoom call!!!!

10:30am – Service will begin on YouTube and Zoom using a mixture of live and pre-recorded material.

11:30am – A short break followed by Virtual After Church Coffee in rooms on the Zoom call.

12pm – The youth will join the call and go into their own break out room.

If you join the zoom call with your video, which is streamed live via YouTube, then your image may be broadcast in the livestream. If you want to join the zoom call, but would rather not have your image broadcast publicly, please turn your video off during the service. You can always turn your video on for the coffee time. Alternatively, join via YouTube and then sign into zoom for coffee time.

updated  21/06/2020

Hello Church,

We are beginning to carry out the risk assessments necessary to be able to open the church for private prayer on a Friday afternoon 2-4 pm.

We are looking for 4 volunteers to cover one time a month to do the welcoming within the atrium.

If you are interested in helping out please do let me know.

Also, as many of you have seen from the announcement today church can open for services/meetings of up to 30 people from 4 July. There is, however, to be no singing.

We will as leaders be looking at the advice issued both by government and the Baptist Union before we begin to put a plan in place. My wisdom on this is that we had to rush into lockdown but we don’t have to rush back. This doesn’t mean that I don’t want us all to be together worshipping God enjoying the brand new auditorium. However, I do believe we need to plan carefully and reduce the risk as much as possible.

We will, of course, keep you updated as the plans develop. Please pray for the trustees as we make these decisions.



updated  21/06/2020


Thank you to those who responded. At present we are working towards opening on a Friday afternoon for private prayer. We need to undertake Covid secure risk assessments, put in place safe practice and recruit volunteers to support the opening. If you are free on a Friday afternoon from 2-4pm once a month to welcome people please do get in contact with Adam asap.

updated  20/04/2020

Don’t forget the daily reflections on Facebook/YouTube

Also our Zoom Support Hour.

Mon-Wed – 3pm

Thurs – 8pm

The Zoom codes for these has been sent via emails.

There is no bible study this week but we hope to stat a new one very soon.

Also, more support and stuff coming soon to support and encourage you during the Covid-19 lockdown.

updated  05/04/2020

Hello Church,

I am busy planning for our Easter service this coming Sunday and I would like you to do two things in preparation. They are both simple and will add so much to the service.

1. Please can you take a photo of yourself holding an Easter greeting on a piece of cardboard? Please make sure your face is seen as well as the message. I will then put them all together as part of the service so that we can send Easter greetings to each other.

2. Please could you send a video of you reading Mark 16:1-13 from the NIV Bible. Again I want to put these together so that as many as possible of you can be involved in the service. Please pause between each verse which will help with editing. Again, we need to see you and try to make the recording as bright as possible. One person on the recording at a time so if you all want to do make separate recordings.

Both the photo and the video can be sent to Adam by WhatsApp or email.

Please do take part. I need them by Friday evening at the latest.

Thanks for taking part and making this Easter special despite us not being together.


updated  04/04/2020

Dear Church,

It is Palm Sunday tomorrow and we are going to celebrate even though we can’t be together. And as we go into Holy Week we are ready to embrace the highs and lows of this incredible week.

Sunday 5 April 2020

So gather everyone together ready to join us tomorrow via our Livestream for our service at 10:30. You will be able to see this on our YouTube page by following this link from 10:30 am.

You will also be able to see it on the front page of the church website or go to the video page. Also, we will put it on the church’s Facebook page. Please comment so we know who is watching with us.

A huge thank you to Susan B for working so hard to keep the website up to date.

Please don’t forget the instructions from Andrea this week.

This Palm Sunday is an all-age service. 

We will be making a Holy Week box for you to use throughout Holy Week. You don’t have to be a child to take part! Whether you are 0 or 100 we all use symbols to help use engage more deeply; this is an opportunity for everyone to be able to engage more meaningfully with Holy Week and encounter God more deeply.

There are a few items you will need in preparation – all the items can be improvised and found around the house.

* A small box (like a shoe box) or bag (maybe you have spare gift bags lurking in a draw)

* A character figure (you might use a lego person, or a small ornament)

* Some green paper

* Three items that resemble money (Gold coins, chocolate gold bars, monopoly money, loose change)

* White cloth (bandage, tissue – dare I say toilet roll???? )

* Small cross (a holding cross, or one made with pipe cleaners or kitchen wire)

Let’s bring the story to life and see what God says to us as we engage with Him.

Next Week Monday-Wednesday 3pm

Pastoral Care Zoom Call – Details sent out in email. 

Maundy Thursday Communion 7:30pm (please supply your own bread and wine)

Communion Zoom Call – Details sent out in email

Saturday – Zoom Charades

Time: Apr 11, 2020 06:00 PM London

Zoom details sent out in email

Easter Sunday

More details to follow.

We do hope you will join us and don’t forget the daily reflections each day Monday-Friday.

Take care.


updated  01/04/2020

Dear Church,

Just wanted to keep you updated on what is coming up this week and beyond.

We had an excellent service on Sunday and a big thank you to Kath, Karen, Owen and Cathy for their input. We had a few technical issues this end but I hope everyone got to watch it.

Join us again this Sunday when you will find the live stream on our YouTube page with a link sent out beforehand. The link will also be on our Facebook page and hopefully on the church website. Please do comment so we know you are there and it really helps to feel like we are together.

We still have things going on his week.

Wednesday 1 April, 7.30pm

New Virtual Bible Study Group on the Rhythms of Grace (looking at how we learn in this crisis time)

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

Thursday 2 April, 7:30pm – please note this has moved to the evening for today

Zoom Pastoral Care Connect – Just join in during this hour to connect, share and pray together others

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

Friday 3 April, 7:30pm

Raise a Hallelujah, 7:30pm

We invite you to fast during the day as we come together via Zoom to worship and pray into the current global crisis.

You are all invited to pray at this time for our leaders, health care worker, our neighbours, the world, and each other.

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Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

Please don’t forget the daily reflections. This week we will be looking at lessons learnt from Jesus.

Catch them each day on our Facebook and YouTube.

A Few Other Helpful Things

Collins – It has been suggested that if you are struggling to get out to buy food you can order fresh produce which is delivered through their website and I am told it is good value for money.

Sauls – If it is meat you are after then consider the delivery service that Sauls of Spratton offer.

Other food delivery services are available.

Coming Soon

And how about having Spring Harvest at Home this year. Between the 13-17 April you can watch via YouTube completely for free. Check it out (thank you Karen C for that suggestion)

Easter Saturday – Join us for a Zoom Charades at 6pm. How is your guessing, how good are you at helping others to guess and will it work on Zoom? All will be revealed on Saturday 11 April and it will be better than Ant and Dec, the Voice, BGT, Strictly and the Masked Singer all rolled into one!!!!

Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

And remember stay calm, connected, caring and courageous.

I can’t wait to hug you all,


updated  28/03/2020

Dear Church,

We are now heading into week two of lockdown and I do hope you are coping and staying connected.

Here are a few things that are coming up this week.

Sunday 29 March, 10:30 am (don’t forget the clocks go forward tonight)

Livestream Sunday Gathering via Facebook and YouTube

Monday-Wednesday 30 March-2 April, 3 pm

Zoom Pastoral Care Connect – Just join in during this hour to connect, share and pray together with Adam.

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Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

It is the same one each day.

Wednesday 1 April, 7:30 pm

New Virtual Bible Study Group on the Rhythms of Grace (looking at how we learn in this crisis time)

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Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

Friday 3 April, 7:30 pm

Raise a Hallelujah

We invite you to fast during the day as we come together via Zoom to worship and pray into the current global crisis.

You are all invited to pray at this time for our leaders, health care worker, our neighbours, the world, and each other.

Join the Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 853 000 5234

Please don’t forget the daily reflections. This week we will be looking at lessons learnt from Jesus.

Catch them each day on our Facebook and YouTube.


updated 21.11  23/03/2020

Hello Church,

Following the announcements made this evening we are now not able to open the church at all. So if you require a pastoral call please contact your group leader or text me on 07855862707.

I will be sending out another daily reflection tomorrow. Subscribe to our YouTube channel or follow us on Facebook.


Updated 17.35  23/3/2020 

Dear Church,

Well, we survived the first live streaming of our service. Thank you for all the words of encouragement we received. We had fun doing it but it doesn’t beat the real thing. We have learnt loads from doing it and will seek to improve for next Sunday. Please continue to be patient with us at this time. I have now uploaded the whole thing into one video onto our YouTube channel and you can watch it by clicking here.

My daily reflection is now up on Facebook and YouTube. You can find that on our Facebook page just search Broadmead Community Church or go to the YouTube page by following the link here

I will also be putting the script of it on my blog each day as well. You can access the blog here.

We are exploring using Zoom for our Virtual Connect Groups and so we would love you all to download it. This can be used for group calls and is the best service for this. It is free to use for you and provides the opportunity to connect. You can download it onto your laptop, tablet or/and smartphone by clicking here. Just download the zoom meeting for clients for PCs/Macs

And scroll down further for links to the app for your phone/tablet.

Each afternoon Mon-Fri I will be starting a Zoom Pastoral Care meeting and you are welcome to join with others. Tomorrow’s meeting with start at 3pm and to join you will need this link.

Adam Eakins is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Adam’s Zoom Pastoral Care Meeting

Time: Mar 24, 2020 03:00 PM

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 810 953 3448

I hope this will be a great way to connect regularly. I hope you have all been contacted by your Virtual Connect Group Leader and if not please let me know.

Stay Calm, Caring, Courageous and Connected.



Church @ Home

This week we will be using Facebook to livestream from our home to yours. Please join us at 10:30am via Facebook where we will be going live at 10:30am with prayers, worship and Mary speaking on How to Handle Worry.

You shouldn’t need an account to see our page but just use this link. It may ask you you to sign in but you can ignore that. Here is the link   If you already have Facebook make sure you like our page so it is easy for you to find. 

After the livestream we will make available to watch again on YouTube and Facebook as well as try to take the audio of the talk off the video and add it to our normal podcast.

Connect Support Groups

We have set up nine virtual small groups led by each of the Trustees. These will be mixed groups, and we would encourage you to join. The leader will be setting up a WhatsApp group as well as making regular calls to those who are not online. Please use the WhatsApp group to stay in contact with prayers and support. We are also exploring a way to do a virtual small group once a week using Zoom. Details of your group and leader will be emailed to you tomorrow morning telling you which group you have been allocated and who is the leader of the group. They will then be in contact with you over the next few days. You can of course choose not to join a virtual group but we hope all of you will want to stay connected.

If you don’t receive an email or phone call telling you what group you are in by Monday please contact me via either email or 07855862707 and we will resolve it.


Whilst we cannot meet together, we would like to stay in contact with you by email or phone or even text message. Please can you check your communication settings in MyChurch suite.  We can only contact you, if you have given us your permission.

To do this you need to open MyChurch suite and scroll down to your own own name and click on the pen symbol to the right of your name.

Click on the communication tab at the top and then please click to receive emails, SMS and phone calls. Finally click the save changes button at the bottom of the screen.

By clicking on the Privacy Tab you can still choose whether to make your mobile, address or email are visible to others on MyChurch suite. The Trustees have another setting which allows them to see your number if you are in their group.

After next week we will not be able to call you if you have not agreed to us doing so by changing your settings.

If you can’t change your setting and want help with doing so, then please email to request this to happen and we will do it for you.


Jodie’s plan is to set up WhatsApp groups with 2 leaders per group to keep some personal connection. She also plans to set up a livestream event for everyone to access together at a particular time on a Sunday so that the youth can have some type of session together. The plan is to keep connected, keep having fun and keep developing our relationship with Jesus.

Jodie will be sending an email to all parents with a youth plan. Please can all parents keep an eye on their emails at this point as well as making sure youth are connecting, that would really help.

If you don’t receive an email or phone call telling you what group you are in by Monday please contact me via either email or 07855862707 and we will resolve it.

Food bank

We delivered some food to St. Albans today and it was very busy. Please do consider bringing in food donations to the Broadmead collection point Mon-Thurs 1-4pm. We will then deliver it to the Foodbank on a Friday.


If you normally give via the offering on a Sunday there are a number of ways you can still do so.

  • You can drop you donation either through the letterbox at church or hand it in between 1-4pm Mon-Thurs.
  • You can give via MyChurch suite by clicking on the My Giving
  • You can set up a standing order or make a bank transfer using these account details. NatWest Bank Acc No. 01854887 Sortcode 56-00-60. Remember the account is still in the name of Broadmead Baptist Church.
  • If you have any problems in this area please email


This week there will be two videos for children. One will be on worries and the other will be a mothers day craft. Andrea has also set up two  Facebook page for parents and carers, one for preschool and one for primary ages. This will enable her to resource parents with some really great material.

Daily Video with Readings/Prayers with Adam

This will be starting on Monday morning. This is to encourage you with scripture and prayers. They will be released on our Facebook page and on YouTube. So like our Facebook page and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Daily Worship Song

These will be posted on our Facebook page and YouTube channel also.


Dear Church,

Following the recently updated government and Baptist union advice after the Trustees meeting this evening, we have made the difficult decision to suspend all church activities temporarily. This is not an easy decision to make but one we feel is right given the circumstances. There will be no Sunday gatherings or other activities at the church and no small groups for the time being.

We recognise this will not be easy for all of us and so, therefore, the Trustees are putting the following in place.

  • We will be putting on Facebook and YouTube a talk each Sunday which will be released at 10:30 am. We would love as many as possible to join us live and interact which will help connect us. Mary is speaking this Sunday on ‘How to Handle Worry?’ We feel this is a timely subject!!
  • We will send out details soon with how you can watch them on the day and now you can listen to them if you can’t watch live. As usual, they will be on our website, podcast and mychurchsuite after the event.
  • We will also be sending out virtual resources for children and young people form them on Sundays. More details to follow.
  • We will be issuing regular shorter emails with readings, prayers and a short video to keep you connected with scripture, God and each other.
  • As of next week, the church will be open Monday-Thursday each afternoon between 1-4pm for people who don’t have to self-isolate to come in ones or twos to meet with the pastor or another leader for prayer and pastoral care. If you have had to self-isolate, you can book a pastoral call by emailing or texting Adam.
  • There will be a daily worship song sent out via Facebook and email to bring Spiritual encouragement and truth.
  • We are setting up nine virtual small groups led by each of the Trustees. These will be mixed groups, and we would encourage you to join. The leader will be setting up a WhatsApp group as well as making regular calls to those who are not online. Please use the WhatsApp group to stay in contact with prayers and support. We are also exploring a way to do a virtual small group once a week. Details of your group and leader will be made available to you by the beginning of next week.

We will be re-directing the church phone number to members of staff until further notice.

Please do print off the offer of help leaflet, fill it in and post it through to your neighbours. We have an opportunity to be the light of Christ in the darkness and make the hope of Jesus more contagious than this virus.

At present we are not expecting the Easter opening to go ahead but we will keep you updated on that in the weeks to come.

The Trustees are holding a weekly video call and we will continue to update you as things change. In the meantime, all updates will be on the church website, Facebook page and via email. I am sure you can understand there are lots of people asking us lots of questions and we will struggle to answer all individual questions at times. Therefore, please do check for updates.

There are many things we can’t do but we can pray, and I encourage you to do so.

National Day of Prayer and Action

Today, the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, along with fellow bishops and other church leaders, are calling for a National Day of Prayer and Action this coming Mothering Sunday (March 22).

‘Light a candle at 7 pm and put it in your window; ring someone who is isolated and vulnerable; buy an extra item and place it in your local food bank; keep your night shelters open.

‘We have a stronghold and refuge, we do not depend on ourselves alone, for God keeps us so that as the Shepherd song ends: ‘Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me, all the days of my life.’

Can we all commit to joining in with this on Sunday?

One final suggestion is that we all join together for prayer at 19:48 to pray for health care workers. 1948 is the year of the birth of the NHS so it is easy to remember.

And remember these verses from Psalm 91. You can find it here. Remember faith, not fear.

Links – announcement about religion group not meeting – BU advice – Government Advice

May God continue to protect and bless you all. Please continue to support and care for each other. ViralKindness.pdf

Adam (on behalf of the elders)