Men's Breakfast


It has been recognised that gathering men together within the church has an important part to play in the life of the church.

This group provides that much needed opportunity for the men to get together, all involving a magnificent breakfast. The underlying rationale is, frankly, to get to know each other better, to share our dreams and frustrations, the encouragements and discouragements of our faith journey, and maybe talk about some of the things we feel most comfortable talking about with... other men!

The breakfast is cooked by Hearty Cuisine and then one of the men is asked to share their story (We do ask them in advance!!). It has been inspiring and challenging to hear in more detail about the lives of each other and to ask questions and to pray together. The meetings are normally every 7-8 weeks on a Saturday morning. Get there for 8am for an 8:30am start at the church.

This group is on hold for the moment.




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